Sports are forever a microcosm of life, and the story of Derrick Rose’s 2nd act in the NBA deserves more celebration than we tend to give.

“I Worked My A** Off”

Derrick Rose

Sports media consistently treats D-Rose as a relic.

Derrick Rose during his career-high 50-point game in Minnesota (Photo/USA Today)

Rose’s raw numbers in the 2nd stage of his career are not flashy, however, there is one truth that remains–he is a more skilled player now than he was in 2011.

Since his return from his major knee injuries, Rose has become a more patient player and a much-improved jump shooter–as evidenced by his 35.1 percent mark from three since 2017 (Career 31.6 percent).

In the ’22-23 season, Rose looks to fight back from an ankle injury that caused him to miss 56 games last year. Fans across the sport should be intrigued to see how the 34-year-old improves his game mentally to carve out a role.

This season, basketball fans should admire the work Rose has done on his game and take the time to enjoy one of the special talents the league has ever seen as he enters the twilight of his career when he returns to the floor.

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