Basketball Fans, Please Don’t Overract

Sunday night, the Wizards beat the loaded Nets 123-122, and Washington displayed they have the offensive firepower to hang with any team in the league.

Playing up, or as Wizards fans are frequently subjected to, down to the level of their opponent is a Wizards staple under coach Scott Brooks, and it seems the trend will continue in 2021.

Nets vs. Wizards: 3 things we learned from Brooklyn's Sunday loss
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The big story, however, is the way the game ended. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant both had chances to win the game late but came up short.

The talented duo has garnered plenty of ill-will from fans across the league, so not making clutch shots will come with plenty of background noise.

The ridicule is fun for some, but I feel it’s wasted motion when fans attack guys early in the regular season who are defined by the postseason.

I’m reaching out to the casual fan who may listen to the loudest voices in social media.

Many of the loudest voices impact the way we see the game, and I just want everyone who reads this blog to be aware that the best way to evaluate the abilities of a player is to do the most simple thing — watch them play.

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